Chill Pop is bringing COOL back to the freezer...

Our frozen novelties feature flavors that are totally hip and truly unique. Where others blend in, Chill Pop stands apart from the crowd, by incorporating unexpected ingredients, with flavors that literally “POP" off the shelf!

We are committed to producing frozen fruit pops utilizing only clean, quality ingredients. Personally, we love to know where our food comes from and how it is made, so naturally, we work to bring that type of intention and integrity into creating our pops. Our products are crafted in a fair, equitable, and sustainable manner, using fair-trade and organic ingredients whenever possible, and remaining accessible to those seeking allergen-friendly and vegan products.

Our belief is that dessert does not have to be bad for you, and that sweet treats can be healthy AND taste totally delicious.  Chill Pop’s natural frozen fruit pops consist of the highest quality, cleanest ingredients so one can be relaxed about the label, while still being able to indulge without any of the guilt!  

So go ahead and enjoy…knowing you won’t read a lengthy label while your pop melts!